Private Mental Health Facilities Help Women Overcome Anxiety And Depression Through Altruism

Women suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and other mood disorders often solely focus on inner problems, making issues appear larger and more stressful. This inner focus compounds stress and deteriorates mental health.

Private mental health facilities help women recovering from mental health issues overcome their symptoms. Part of long-term recovery involves creating a lifestyle that supports mental wellbeing and prevents stress and anxiety from becoming overwhelming. In order to create a positive lifestyle, women are encouraged to consider participating in charity and volunteer work.

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Here are four ways volunteer work benefits women’s mental and emotional health:

  • Reduces stress: Focusing on helping others with their troubles makes our own problems seem smaller and encourages feelings of gratitude. It keeps things in perspective, shifting women’s focus to a positive outlook on their lives, thereby reducing stress and making problems appear more manageable. Reduced levels of stress are associated with better physical health and lower levels of depression and anxiety.
  • Positive physiological changes: Because helping others creates positive emotions and gratitude, it leads to increased well being. Altruism has been reported to create changes in the brain that are associated with happiness. Routinely making time to help others leads the mind away from self-focused thoughts of anxiety and depression and eventually rewires pathways to happiness so that women are more likely to think positively.
  • Safeguard healthy lifestyle: Scheduled volunteer work helps create a routine, which encourages women to schedule other healthy habits such as medication management and proper nutrition. It also encourages an active lifestyle that keeps the mind and body busy, which has a wealth of physical and mental health benefits. Women who volunteer reportedly have stronger social support comprised of other positive, active people. This reduces isolation and creates a support group beneficial to mental wellness.
  • Improve self-esteem: Caring for others and engaging in productive work not only creates happiness but also improves self-esteem. Charity work alters self-perception by raising women’s awareness of what they are capable of creating. A personal sense of accomplishment allows women to look at themselves in a new way. Women who view themselves positively take better care of their mental, physical and emotional needs, promoting positive attitudes that encourage healthy lifestyles.

The benefits of altruistic behavior are found in an external focus, which prevents self-focused mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Women can engage in variety of volunteer organizations that resonate with their personalities: disaster relief, wildlife protection, child help and spiritual organizations all have a charitable focus that benefits mental health.

Private mental health facilities like Brookhaven Retreat encourage women to look outside the self as part of a plan to construct lasting wellness and healthy habits that protect mental health. Brookhaven Retreat’s Poncho Program analyzes the possibility of engaging in meaningful activities as a way of decreasing stress while increasing self-esteem, healthy habits and happiness. When women learn to look outside the self, they construct healthy habits and create lasting joy and wellness.

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